Why You Need Article Writing for Your Business and How to Do It Correctly

Sep - 04 2015 | By

Starting a business may look like it’s all about learning the ins and outs of finance management, resources, feasibility, and many other business-related processes. This is true, but one important thing that often gets overlooked is producing quality articles that talk about the business.

Article writing for businesses is important because of the following reasons:

(1) It offers information to potential clients, which in turn opens opportunities for building relationships.

(2) It promotes understanding of the services and information offered by businesses.

(3) It creates better SEO rankings, which becomes a way to help gain leads.

(4) It makes distributing and advertising on social media easier. People can just post articles they’ve written and link to it via their social media accounts.

Article Writing

These four reasons are why most businesses nowadays aim to practice, support, and value good article writing. Having the skills to write strongly and professionally about one’s business could help win that million-dollar investment, negotiate successfully, and even earn a promotion. But more often than not, there are problems that arise from this trade. Grammar needs work, and there’s the problem of jargon-riddled writing. Another thing could be the writer’s lack of motivation and inspiration which would eventually lead to a poorly written article. This, ladies and gentlemen, can also cause the business to lose to its competitor.

To help out business owners, below are some tips that are proven effective for better business writing.

(1) Briefly and concisely is the way to go.

Business writing gets rid of all unnecessary words. People are less willing to read 2000-word articles today, which is ironic for businesses that require written information to run smoothly. The best way to address this is to use words sparingly, cutting out fluff from the writing, and getting straight to the point. Say what you want, end it with a period, and leave it right there.

(2) Please take out the jargon.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid jargon in writing. When it comes to article writing however, it is preferable to use plainer language to avoid sounding ridiculous. Avoid using “solutioneering” as an alternative for “solving.” It’s confusing.

(3) Write and proofread.

After writing, make sure to proofread not once, but twice (or more if you prefer). Professional documents do not need to contain those embarrassing typos. People often judge for that “accidental typo” and your business will be defined for that mistake. Check the grammar, and have someone else read it to ask if you’ve done a good job.

(4) Get your names and titles right.

Addressing a “Mr.” as a “Ms.” sounds like a small deal; only it isn’t. In addition to the names and titles, being gender-sensitive is also a requirement. If you are not sure of the addressee’s gender (in the case of unisex names), it is preferable to use gender-neutral language such as “they” and “their.”

(5) Opt for freelance services.

If you’ve tried so hard to do it but haven’t gotten far with your writing, consider hiring freelance writers to do your articles for you. There are websites all over the Internet, such as 99centarticles.com, that provide such service for an affordable price. Whichever website you go to, make sure you enlist the services of those who have been in the business long, and those who have a track record of quality services extended to their clients.

The tips above are only a few of the tips for your article writing to become an asset to your business. Take note that it takes constant practice and research for your writing to improve. Although it may seem like a daunting task, it could prove beneficial for your business’ visibility online.