The Things You Need to Know About Taylormade Golf Clubs

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Golf is an interesting game played by many people worldwide. Aside from being interesting, it is a slightly expensive game. Golf clubs are an essential element in golf since they are used to hit the ball. Each golf club includes a shaft containing a lance which is likewise known as grip and club head.

Golf clubs are made of different materials like irons, putter, and woods. The primary objective of playing golf is to hit the ball using a long stick. It is composed of a grip which has long ray on one end and a head on the other end. Golf has a rule which enables a player to take up to fourteen various clubs and as the game progresses each one is planned for specific situations.

One of the most popular names when it comes to golf clubs and accessories is TaylorMade Golf clubs. The idea of metal wood has made the company grow and become popular fast. The advancement in the metal wood technology enables the player to have their own club. This technology has produced many clubs in the form of Tour Preferred, Pittsburgh Persimmon and Burner and Burner Bubble Driver. During the mid 90’s TaylorMade launched a new Burner Bubble Driver.

Tips on Identifying Original Taylormade Golf Clubs

Taylormade Golf ClubsIn purchasing Taylormade golf clubs, it is important to make sure that you are buying genuine merchandise. Because of the popularity of the said merchandise, there are lots of fake clubs being sold online. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure that you have authentic Taylormade clubs.

1.If you encounter a golf club that has an oily feel or smells like formaldehyde, it only means that it is a counterfeit. Since most of the time counterfeits are made of low quality materials, they usually feel or smell cheap. Authentic Taylormade golf clubs do not stink.

2.Check the finish on the shaft. If it is poorly painted or if there are irregularities in the finish, there is a higher possibility that it is fake and not an authentic Taylormade club. Genuine Taylormade clubs undergo rigorous quality assurance process and don’t possess these kinds of imperfections.

3.Compare the club you are interested to purchase to the pictures of the authentic Taylormade clubs. You can get pictures of the authentic Taylormade clubs on its website. Make sure that they are identical. The most obvious mark of imitation can be noticed on the fonts and the paint colors that usually differ from the original. All the markings, shapes and colors should match perfectly.

4.Check the logo’s alignment. Assess if they are perfectly straight and aligned on the club. Also, look for signs of excess glue, particularly on the decals. The club is a fake if it has crooked logos and a lot of logo.

5.The ferrule is also important so make sure that you inspect it. It is the small piece on the club that connects the club’s head to its shaft. There are lots of companies that have special shapes for their ferrules, and the fake one usually do not match them. Also, if you see an excess epoxy around the ferrule, then the clubs are not genuine.

6.The specs should match. TaylorMade display its specs on all the clubs, including the loft, weight and diameter of the butt. If any of these are off, then there is a higher chance that the club is a fake.

7.Check the serial number. All authentic TaylorMade golf clubs are manufactured with a serial number to identify each club. If you are in doubt, call TaylorMade. The company will help you check if the merchandise is authentic or not.

If purchasing online, be very careful of sellers shipping from other countries. Stay away from someone with lots of negative feedback. They are most likely

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