The Marketing Power of Custom Lanyards

Sep - 28 2015 | By

Many companies and establishments started using lanyards as a mere ID holder. Lanyards are probably the best proximity and identification card holders. They are light, flexible, washable, and easy to maintain. They can also be hypoallergenic for people working in the medical field. And unlike other materials used as ID and proxy holders, it does not rust, stain, and require special attention.

Lanyards are made of flexible materials such as interwoven fiber threads, so they do not break easily. Corporations around the world are saving millions every year just by not having to replace them. Best of all, lanyards are very comfortable to wear.

Custom Lanyards

But, corporations quickly realize that they can get more out these lanyards through customization. Custom lanyards became an instant hit for employees around the world. A new sense of belonging inspired many to work more effectively. The pride of wearing a corporate lanyard started. Even people outside organizations are fascinated by it. People outside prominent companies flock to corporate events just to get their hands on these cheaply manufactured strip of synthetic fiber. Freebies that include lanyards from famous big corporations are being collected by hobbyists all over the world. Internet marketplaces are filled with them, people actually buy them! But, why?

Companies realize that they are not just ID holders anymore. They have become a very visible carrier of their own unique brands. Custom lanyards imprinted with their company logos are now an important tool for corporate branding. Almost automatically, they became a favorite giveaway in corporate events and job fairs.

And then, the corporate world discovered another use for them. Marketing and promotion. Aided by modern printing methods, companies are now able to produce some of the most ingenious ways to promote and market their products and brands.

Here are a few examples of how companies use custom lanyards as promotional and marketing materials:

1. Water bottle lanyards

Perfect for companies with field agents who are constantly out and doing field works. A single O-ring attached to the ID holder can serve as a water bottle holder for the user. Any field employee wearing this kind of personalized lanyard carries around their neck an instant company advertisement. At corporate sporting events, they can also be distributed to both participants and guests.

2. Clip-on hand sanitizers custom lanyards

Designed to include a special clip to include a small bottle of hand sanitizer for employees in constant exposure to germs. These lanyards are perfect for doctors and hospital staff who are always in need of clean hands. This is also a favorite giveaway during corporate luncheons and events, where guests and participants are given this specially designed lanyard.

3. Combination neck badge and ID holder

Field workers are often given this kind of personalized lanyard. In the field, employees need to have a quick way to store items like IDs, quick notes and pens. Medical sales representatives are often seen with these kind of badges. Often bearing the names of companies and their products, pharmaceutical companies also love giving these badges as freebies to doctors and patients in hospitals and medical missions.

4. Combination neck wallet and ID holder

People often see this kind of custom lanyard in food deliveries. Riders are often in need of a safe and easy way to store bills and coins, and this innovative lanyard can fill that need, plus more. They are often colorful and very eye catching. Restaurants often given them as giveaways to loyal and new customers. Establishments know that by having their customers wear these badges in public, they are getting free advertising.

Many do not realize that lanyards are not just ID holders. In fact, many take for granted the added value custom lanyards bring to numerous corporations and establishments. The fact that they can be made to help accomplish numerous tasks, make them quite indispensable.