Better ID Security in Corporate Offices

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The increasing number of security threats in multi-national companies has resulted to numerous modifications in the policies for the entry and exit of personnel or employees. Companies primarily use ID badges since these not only show the picture of the employee but also their name, designation, and signature. This is considered to be the most basic security measure since current company employees are also the ones authorized to issue these custom designed ID badges.

IDUnfortunately in large corporations, the number of employees are often in the hundreds or thousands. Most of these employees may not know each other especially when they normally work within a specific corporate department. This can be seen as a security concern since security personnel also work in shifts in different departments. To minimize security problems, most corporations require that their employees prominently wear their ID badges. There are two ways to do this, which is either to clip theID to a shirt pocket or with the use ofID lanyards. Both men and women employees prefer the use of the ID lanyards since these do not damage the material of their clothes.

The corporate ID is normally printed with the company’s name and logo so that only authorized employees are able to enter the corporate offices. The purpose of requiring employees to wear the ID badge on ID lanyards is to ensure that individuals intent on malicious doing are easily spotted to prevent personal and corporate theft. This can be done by having visitor badges made in a different color by the company to ensure that these easily stand out among the ID badges of the company employees.

Having a distinctive visitor ID badge on corporate ID lanyardsis not only a good security move but also limits the movement of the visitors in the company premises. Established security companies usually advise corporate executives to change the design of the employee and visitor ID badges every 5 years or so. The reason for this is that some of the ID badges will not be returned by employees that have already left the company. This is considered to be a security threat especially if the access codes of these employees are not removed immediately after their resignation.

Security is a universal concern for company executives but is considered to be more crucial for some security conscious companies. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies is included in this list since some of the drugs being made make use of controlled substances such as the case for highly addictive drugs like pain relievers. This is why most pharmaceutical manufacturing companies require a more secure ID badge that includes a more sophisticated electronic strip or computer chip.

The ID badges not only include the basic information of the employee but also a number of confidential information such as the level of access to highly regulated areas. Highly regulated areas are where companies normally store sensitive information such as their financial data or product designs.

Pharmaceutical companies are not the only companies requiring a stricter security protocol since popular food production businesses are also prone to higher security risks. The reason for this is that valued company recipes are restricted and controlled to a limited number of highly valued employees. This means that corporate spies need to acquire the corporate ID badge of these highly valued employees in order to access this information. Some company executives may have access to these restricted rooms or corporate areas due to their higher security clearances. Door access codes are normally stored in the computer chip embedded in the ID badge of these highly valued employees.

All in all, merely distributing lanyards isn’t enough – proper planning in relation to each possible vulnerability is also necessary.

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