Aug - 28 2015

A safe and conducive environment is one of the benefits that every company can offer to employees. Well, updated guidelines and programs on health and safety are crucial when aiming to establish such a positive workplace. After all, even the safest job in the company can be linked to several safety problems. So, how does […]

Better ID Security in Corporate Offices

Aug - 26 2015

The increasing number of security threats in multi-national companies has resulted to numerous modifications in the policies for the entry and exit of personnel or employees. Companies primarily use ID badges since these not only show the picture of the employee but also their name, designation, and signature. This is considered to be the most […]

Tips in PCB Assembly

Aug - 24 2015

The final steps in pcb assembly involves the selection of suitable components needed for the finished product. The challenge lies more in selecting the components of the gear, and the least among the concerns of builders is inserting the screws and enabling the connectors. A builder’s dream is to successfully build the pc without encountering […]

The 3 Types of Networks for Digital Signage

Aug - 06 2015

Digital signage displays information that’s directed to a targeted audience. The kind of audience can be identified by using these 3 networks. 1.POT (Point of transit) or Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Network A POT Network is characterized by a digital signage that promotes a service or product to customers who are on the go. […]